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Garden Railway


Our Goal

Our goal is to offer a wide range of models and miniatures at an affordable price and raise money for the Mini-Kiwiland Attraction.

The original idea was to have a hobby shop, cafe and souvenir shop with the international attraction. Wellington born Robert Verhoef started the hobby shop in 2016 after he couldn't find the material and figures needed for the attraction in New Zealand Hobby Shops or for excessive prices.

Robert found out that the hobby world in New Zealand is no different from what happens with petrol stations and supermarkets: A few players take advantage of a powerful/monopoly position to charge high prices to New Zealanders.

He started to import model railway brands that had no distributor in New Zealand, such as Preiser, Faller, Noch, Busch and Vollmer/Kibri. This went so well, that Robert wanted to expand the Mini-Kiwiland Shop catalogue by approaching New Zealand distributors. Unfortunately, no one was interested in supplying the Mini-Kiwiland Shop.

As a result, the Mini-Kiwiland offers 100% own imported products for often at a much more affordable price.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, the Mini-Kiwiland Tourist attraction had to be put on hold. At this stage, the focus is on setting up a hobby shop first with a wide range of models and miniatures for an affordable price.

The Mini-Kiwiland Shop continues to look for more suppliers and brands overseas and ways to keep prices down as much as possible.