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5 to 10% Discount Storewide on the Mini-Kiwiland Shopping Site,

It is possible to receive a standard 5 to 10% discount storewide on this website. We would like to reward regular buyers who ensure efficient and smooth transactions. Please read the information below carefully about how to get the discount and what to be aware of:

The Mini-Kiwiland Shop considers giving a discount a privilege, not an obligation!

When do I receive discount?

You can receive discount after the following:

  • 5% Discount after buying for more than $150.00 in the past 12 months on the Mini-Kiwland Shop website.
  • 7% Discount after buying for more than $350.00 in the past 12 months on the Mini-Kiwland Shop website.
  • 10% Discount after buying for more than $700.00 in the past 12 months on the Mini-Kiwland Shop website.

Will the discount ever expire?

Yes, the discount could expire at some point:

  • The discount will expire when you have not spend for $150 (5% Discount), $350 (7% Discount) or $700.00 (10% Discount) on the Mini-Kiwiland Shop website in the past 12 months.
  • Discount could also be cancelled when (arrived) orders are left unpaid or too late. All orders need to be paid within 7 days.

Will discount be given on everything in all circusmstances?

No, discount will only be given on orders placed on the Mini-Kiwiland Shop website. Discount will not be given in the following circumstances:

  • No discount will be given if account details are shared with others like friends, club-members or group-members on social media. Discounts on accounts are personnel
  • No discount on items bought on TradeMe. Purchases on TradeMe do not count towards your purchase balance as well due to the excessive TradeMe fees.
  • No discount on items bought on events like Railway Shows, Open Office Days, Collector's Fairs and markets.
  • No discount on items that already have a discount / are on sale
  • No discount on orders placed by e-mail. Orders placed by e-mail will also not count towards your purchase balance.
  • No discount on postage

Note: We do not accept orders by phone.

Anything else that I need to be aware of?

Yes, there are a few other things that you need to know:

  • In order to become a Mini-Kiwi and be eligible for a discount you need to complete your profile on this website. This includes entering your full first name, full last name, Mini-Kiwi name, gender and year of birth.
  • (Arrived) Orders that are not paid or picked-up within 7 days will not count towards your purchase balance.
  • Ordered items that are not in stock: We can not be held responsible for delayed arrivals of out-of-stock orders. Payments in advance do not count towards your purchase balance. Out of stock orders only count when they have actually arrived and are reserved and paid for.
  • Orders only count towards the purchase balance when products have been shipped or picked up, not when orders are placed.
  • Only purchased products count towards the purchase balance. Postage and/or other fees will not be included.
  • Only orders with a total value of more than $20 will count towards purchase balances for discount. Eligible discount will still be given for orders under $20.
  • Discounted products can only be delivered to one address. Addresses may change once in 6 months. Deliveries to an alternative address will not count towards your discount purchase balance.
  • Purchases can not be transferred from one Mini-Kiwiland Shop account to other Mini-Kiwi accounts.
  • We do not send reminders when the discount is about the expire. You will need to keep track of the balance yourself.
  • The Mini-Kiwiland Shop reserves the right to cancel discounts without further explanation.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.