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Hachette Collections

Our catalogue contains 183 Hachette Collections products. On this page you can browse the catalogue by scale, type, theme and price.

The Mini-Kiwiland Hobby Shop receives shipments of Hachette Collections products at least every 4 months.

Hachette Collections is a major player in the publishing of serial cultural products. The French company was founded in 1995 and present in more than 30 countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia…).

They offer a wide variety of series allowing you to build up, step by step, a complete collection on a specific theme; comics, comics, manga, pop-culture, children's collections, creative hobbies, fine arts, history, automobiles, aviation, model making etc.

Hachette NB36 Citroen Evasion
Hachette HL12 Eicher Wotan II 1976
Hachette MU45 F-4J Phantom II
Hachette HL53 Lanz HM 8 Mops 1923

Hachette Collections - Special Offers:

Hachette HL44 Bautz AS 120 1955
Hachette HL21 Hanomag R 19 1955
Hachette HL15 Guldner G75A 1965
Hachette HL37 MAN 4 L1 1960

Hachette Collections - By Scale:

Hachette HL21 Hanomag R 19 1955
Hachette NP05 Opel Diplomat 1965
Hachette MR083 DT-75K 1972
Hachette ACBUS072 Volvo B 375 Sweden 1957

Hachette Collections - By Type of Product:

Hachette DL06 Austin BO28 1926
Hachette MR076 Stalinetz 60 1933
Hachette MR016 T-54B 1967
Hachette HL50 Deutz Intrac 2002 1972

Hachette Collections - By Theme:

Hachette HL81 Deutz D 40L 1964
Hachette HL37 MAN 4 L1 1960
Hachette HL21 Hanomag R 19 1955
Hachette ACBUS080 Saviem E7 L Bus Canada 1970