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Garden Railway


Our catalogue contains 163 Herpa products. On this page you can browse the catalogue by scale, type, theme and price.

Herpa was founded in 1949 by Wilhelm Hergenröther and is now owned by Prince Andreas zu Leiningen.

Around 200 employees work at the Herpa headquarters in Dietenhofen, Germany. In addition to the areas of development, production, storage, administration and sales, the Herpa Miniature Museum with its own sales exhibition is also located here.
Another 50 employees work at the Herpa plant in Hungary.

By collaborating with well-known car and aircraft manufacturers as well as leading companies in the transport and logistics sector, Herpa creates a diverse range of products, both modern and historical.

Several Air New Zealand and Qantas models have been released by Herpa.

Herpa 013192 Minikit - Ford Transconti
Herpa 307543-003 Scania CS 20 HD
Herpa 053099 Qek Junior Caravan
Herpa 571005 Qantas Stairs with Tractor

Herpa - Special Offers:

Herpa 013093-002 Minikit - VW T3 Bus
Herpa 076456-002 Chemical Tank Trailer
Herpa 013222 Minikit - Mercedes Benz 500 SL
Herpa 076838 Trailer with 3 Pots

Herpa - By Scale:

Herpa 531252 Airbus A320 United Airlines
Herpa 612777 Boeing 777-300ER Air New Zealand
Herpa 076463-002 Tank Trailer
Herpa 034869-002 VW Golf Cabrio

Herpa - By Type of Product:

Herpa 013499 Minikit - Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Herpa 012959 Minikit - Mercedes Sprinter
Herpa 038560-002 Audi A4
Herpa 530507 Passenger Stairs x 6

Herpa - By Theme:

Herpa 610544 Boeing 777-300ER Emirates
Herpa 052450 Trailer
Herpa 013222 Minikit - Mercedes Benz 500 SL
Herpa 558532 Airbus A330-300 Qantas