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Garden Railway
Garden Railway


Our catalogue contains 79 LGB products. On this page you can browse the catalogue by scale, type, theme and price.

LGB stands for Lehmann Gross Bahn. LGB was founded in Germany by Ernst Paul Lehmann in 1968 and was bought by Marklin in 2007. It is the most popular garden railway model brand in Europe. Production used to be located in Germany and China, but these days production is done in Hungary.

LGB 10000 Straight Track, 300 mm
LGB 10152 Straight Separation Track
LGB 10050 Straight Track, 52 mm
LGB 53003 Workers

LGB - By Scale:

LGB only produces G Scale (1:22.5) products:

LGB 51950 RhB Color Light Signal
LGB 21429 Electric Locomotive
LGB 51920 Home Signal, Hp0/Hp1
LGB 33521 Parlor Car

LGB - By Type of Product:

LGB 70502 Train Starter Set
LGB 10600 Straight Track, 600 mm
LGB 13100 Crossing, 90°
LGB 16050 Right Electric Turnout, R3

LGB - By Theme:

LGB 16040 Right Manual Turnout R3
LGB 10220 Rack Rail Holders x 24
LGB 17010 Activating Magnet
LGB 10001 Metal Rail Joiners x 10