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Our catalogue contains 109 Mantic products. On this page you can browse the catalogue by scale, type, theme and price.

The Mini-Kiwiland Hobby Shop receives shipments of Mantic products at least once a month.

Mantic MGKWO406 Riftforged Orc Storm Giant
Mantic MGKWB101 Basilean Heavy Arbalest
Mantic MGTC163 Temple Relics
Mantic MGKWO108 Riftforged Orc Army

Mantic - Recently Arrived

In the past few weeks we received 68 different Mantic products in stock. Click on the button below for the full list. Only items still in stock are shown.

Mantic MGKWE60-1 Palace Guard Prince
Mantic MGKWM107 Kings of War Measuring Sticks
Mantic MGKWM108 Game Token Set and Arc Template
Mantic MGKWK302 Dwarf Blacksouls Regiment

Mantic - New Releases:

At the moment we have 5 recent and/or upcoming releases listed from Mantic.

Tip: Place upcoming releases on your watchlist and you'll be the first to know when the new product arrives in stock. You will receive a notification by e-mail without any obligations.

Mantic MGKWM124 Chill of Twilight - Starter Set
Mantic MGKWK106 Abyssal Dwarf Ambush Starter Set
Mantic WP3213 Warpaints Fanatic - Magenta Tone Wash
Mantic MGKWN103 Forces of Nature Ambush Starter Set

Mantic - By Scale:

Mantic MGKWK302 Dwarf Blacksouls Regiment
Mantic MGKWE102 Elf Mage Queen
Mantic MGKWM108 Game Token Set and Arc Template
Mantic MGKWU90-1 Mhorgoth the Necromancer

Mantic - By Type of Product:

Mantic MGKWT104 Empire of Dust Mega Army
Mantic MGKWD401 Dwarf Steel Behemoth
Mantic MGKWB73-1 Ur-Elohi Samacris
Mantic MGKWE27-1 Elf Scout Regiment

Mantic - By Theme:

Mantic MGKWRK402 Ratkin Mutant Ratfiend
Mantic MGKWV203 Nightstalker Butcher Fleshripper
Mantic MGKWT403 Empire of Dust Monolith
Mantic MGKWS201 Artakl, Gekkotah Clutch Warden