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Garden Railway
Garden Railway


Our catalogue contains 58 Metcalfe products. On this page you can browse the catalogue by scale, type, theme and price.

Metcalfe had humble beginnings in 1991 when Nick Metcalfe, armed with a fascination for architecture and graphic design, created his first flat-packed model of Embsay Station. The hand-drawn design was an instant hit with local gift shops.

By 1997, Metcalfe was manufacturing its own range of innovative ready-cut card kits from the first factory in Skipton, North Yorkshire. The product range grew so rapidly that Nick took the decision to build his own, purpose-built factory with space for further expansion. The current site has allowed Metcalfe to grow its range, manufacturing technologies and direct sales arm.

Metcalfe PO258 Gardener's Cottage
Metcalfe PO415 Nissen Hut
Metcalfe PO330 Signal Box
Metcalfe PO241 Viaduct

Metcalfe - By Scale:

Metcalfe PO251 Farm Barn
Metcalfe PO321 Parcel Offices
Metcalfe PN158 Gardener's Cottage
Metcalfe PO335 Station Master's House

Metcalfe - By Type of Product:

Metcalfe PO233 Signal Box
Metcalfe PO337 Double Track Engine Shed
Metcalfe PO263 Corner Shop
Metcalfe PO334 Railway Station Shelter

Metcalfe - By Theme:

Metcalfe PO332 Engine Shed
Metcalfe PO254 Village Shop and Cafe
Metcalfe PO244 Retaining Walls
Metcalfe PO233 Signal Box