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Garden Railway
Garden Railway

Pola G

Our catalogue contains 76 Pola G products. On this page you can browse the catalogue by scale, type, theme and price.

The Mini-Kiwiland Hobby Shop receives shipments of Pola G products at least once a month.

The Pola company was founded in 1957 by Horst Pollak, q merchant from Schweinfurt.

The 49-year-old company founder died on 16 April 1985 in a plane crash near Zell am Ebersberg. Subsequently Otto-Andreas Schrufer from Munich took over the company (now: Pola-Spiel- und Freizeitartikel GmbH).

On 1 February 1997 the kit program was sold to Faller GmbH.

Faller now only carries the kits for the garden railway (G Scale) under the name "Pola G", while the kits in H0 and N scale were taken over into the own Faller range.

Pola G 331074 St. Michael Church
Pola G 331745 Station Accessories
Pola G 333114 Gutters
Pola G 333112 Shutters and Doors

Pola G - Special Offers:

Pola G - By Scale:

Pola G products are only available in G Scale (1:22.5):

Pola G 333117 Windows
Pola G 331794 Tiles Plates x 4
Pola G 331505 Steam Locomotive Staff
Pola G 330881 Goods Shed

Pola G - By Type of Product:

Pola G 333223 Refuse Bins x 2
Pola G 333114 Gutters
Pola G 333203 Oil Drums x 2 + Oil Can
Pola G 331840 Mountain Chapel

Pola G - By Theme:

Pola G 331793 Wooden Plates x 4
Pola G 331745 Station Accessories
Pola G 333215 Outhouse
Pola G 330909 Platform sections