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Our catalogue contains 2338 Preiser products. On this page you can browse the catalogue by scale, type, theme and price.

The Mini-Kiwiland Hobby Shop receives shipments of Preiser products at least every 4 months.

The catalogue exceeds more than 3000 different sets in 17 scales. Not everything has been listed on this website yet.

Preiser Stock / Orders

The Mini-Kiwiland Shop buys directly from Preiser since 2016.

Around only 43% of the catalogue is actually in stock at Preiser. It seems that Preiser only starts reproducing sold-out products when they have enough new orders. This could take a few months, but also years. In worst case Preiser will decide not to reproduce and will discontinue an item.

About Preiser

Preiser is world leader when it comes to model figures for modellers. Besides the impressive range of products Preiser is also known for its high quality.
The Preiser company was founded in 1949. Initially the figures were carved by hand from wood, but since the sixties they are made of plastic. All figures are carefully assembled and painted by hand.

Paul M. Preiser GmbH is a traditional German family business that produces realistic miniatures in 13 different scales.

The detailed figures are used for architectural models and model train layouts as well as in advertising and art.

The medium-sized company is now run in the third generation and has two locations in Germany and one in Mauritius. The main markets besides Germany are France, the Benelux countries, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, USA and Japan.

Preiser 50944 Norman Riding
Preiser 29047 African Woman
Preiser 50271 Roman Vexilarius riding
Preiser 29012 Mermaid

Preiser - Special Offers:

At the moment we have 60 different Preiser products on sale.

Special Offers are for a limited time only and / or while stock last.

Preiser does not offer items on sale. No temporary offers or clearance for instance.

Special offers on this website are our own clearance of stocked products that have not been sold for over two years. The older the stock the higher the discount percentage.
Once sold out these products will not come back in stock any more. They can still be ordered by customers by using the 'special order' option.
Discontinued items will not go on sale.

Preiser 47056 Ram bleating
Preiser 45002 Walking Railwaymen
Preiser 57154 Man in Suit
Preiser 44915 Female Police Officer & Traveller

Preiser - By Scale:

Preiser 14122 Travellers
Preiser 45138 Couple with Child
Preiser 29065 Cowboy on Horseback
Preiser 10797 US City Police

Preiser - By Type of Product:

Preiser 52041 Knight Riding
Preiser 28106 Flower Lady
Preiser 29006 Golf Player
Preiser 10761 Soccer Team

Preiser - By Theme:

Preiser 63085 Railway Personnel DB
Preiser 50944 Norman Riding
Preiser 31114 Foam Sprayer x 2
Preiser 29003 Lady with Top Hat