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Our catalogue contains 128 Schuco products. On this page you can browse the catalogue by scale, type, theme and price.

The Mini-Kiwiland Hobby Shop receives shipments of Schuco products at least every 4 months.

The Schuco company was founded in Nuremberg in 1912 by Heinrich Schreyer and the toolmaker Heinrich Muller, who had previously worked for the Bing toy factory. Schreyer left the company in 1918, and Adolf Kahn joined him as a partner. At first the company was called Schreyer & Co, but then in 1924 the name Schuco was registered, which arose from the composition of Schreyer & Co.

In 1936 the company brought the first Schuco car onto the market and amazed the professional world with the technical precision and the remarkable features of the miniatures. In the same year the company had over 100 employees.

Gama-Mangold acquired the rights in 1980 and relocated the company's headquarters to Furth.

When the Mangold family withdrew completely from the toy business in 1999, Schuco was sold to the Simba-Dickie-Group in Furth.

Schuco 450879500 Porsche 356 SC
Schuco 452022700 BMW 2002
Schuco 452650100 Porsche 935
Schuco 452661100 BMW 320i DRM

Schuco - Special Offers:

Schuco 452021700 Citroen 2CV
Schuco 452017800 Mercedes Benz /8
Schuco 07844 Kirovets K-700A
Schuco 452022100 Mercedes Benz 180 D

Schuco - By Scale:

Schuco 450912000 Porsche 911
Schuco 26290 Karcher MC 130
Schuco 452018000 VW Golf GTI
Schuco 07827 Fortschritt ZT 304

Schuco - By Type of Product:

Schuco 452017800 Mercedes Benz /8
Schuco 08869 Triumph TR5 Surrey Top
Schuco 452016600 Citroen 2CV 007
Schuco 452656400 Porsche 911 3,2

Schuco - By Theme:

Schuco 452660500 VW T2a
Schuco 26614 Hanomag Kurier
Schuco 452641600 Fendt Favorit 622 LS
Schuco 452633100 Porsche 911