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Our catalogue contains 101 Solido products. On this page you can browse the catalogue by scale, type, theme and price.

The Mini-Kiwiland Hobby Shop receives shipments of Solido products at least every 4 months.

Solido S1806702 VW T1 Pick Up 1950
Solido S1803905 BMW E36 M3 1990
Solido S1805013 Citroen 2CV 6 1982
Solido S1802205 Renault R4F4 1988

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At the moment we have 11 recent and/or upcoming releases listed from Solido.

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Solido S2400501 Remorque Porte Container 2021
Solido S1805026 Citroen 2CV6 1982
Solido S1801522 BMW E30 M3 1991
Solido S1800519 VW Beetle 1303 1974

Solido - By Scale:

Solido S1802604 Porsche 911 1984
Solido S1807401 Subaru Impreza 22b 1998
Solido S1800903 Citroen Traction 1937
Solido S1802907 Shelby Mustang GT500 1967

Solido - By Type of Product:

Solido S1805013 Citroen 2CV 6 1982
Solido S1806602 Renault 4CV 1955
Solido S1807505 RWB Bodykit Rauhwelt 2022
Solido S1809501 Ford Puma Rally1 2021

Solido - By Theme:

Solido S1805016 Citroen 2CV 6 1982
Solido S2400302 Scania S581 Highline 2021
Solido S1807401 Subaru Impreza 22b 1998
Solido S1801606 Alpine A110 S 2019