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Our catalogue contains 98 Victrix products. On this page you can browse the catalogue by scale, type, theme and price.

The first shipment is expected in November 2023.

The story of Victrix started over 25 years ago in London, where founder Julian Blakeney-Edwards started out by designing, creating and selling plastic miniatures all from his home.

As a former officer in the British Army, Julian drew inspiration from his career and his passion for military history to create historical wargaming figures.

The Victrix one-man army soon expanded when Julian met Stephen Hales. Steve's background in art and video-game animation design was the missing piece in the Victrix formula, which now combined military history with digital design expertise.

After years of pop-up shops and attending wargaming events, Victrix established a home in the Lake District, England, where the whole family got involved.

Slowly but surely Victrix began to grow, with more and more wargamers joining the community. As a result Victrix outgrew their premises. In June 2021, Victrix moved into their present premises.

Victrix VG12014 British Infantry x 184
Victrix VX0006 British Highlander Centre Companies
Victrix VXA019 Macedonian Phalangites
Victrix VXDA002B Late Saxons - Anglo Danes

Victrix - By Scale:

Victrix VXA011 Carthaginian Citizen Infantry
Victrix VG12004 Panzer IV H x 6
Victrix VXA023 Iberian Cavalry
Victrix VX5402 French Grenadiers 1805-1812

Victrix - By Type of Product:

Victrix VX0014 Austrian Infantry 1806-1815
Victrix VXA039 Germanic Warriors
Victrix VXA043 Persian Armoured Archers
Victrix VG12015 Wespe x 6

Victrix - By Theme:

Victrix VG12002 Sherman M4A3 75mm x 6
Victrix VXA035 Early Imperial Roman Cavalry
Victrix VXA015 Ancient Armoured Samnites
Victrix VX0019 French Artillery 1804-1812