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Waterloo 1815

Our catalogue contains 51 Waterloo 1815 products. On this page you can browse the catalogue by scale, type, theme and price.

The Waterloo1815 brand was founded in Italy in 1999 when Andrea Pierini decided to turn his hobby for historical models into a real work activity.

In the early years, Pierini reprinted some Atlantic plastic soldiers, after which he started producing his figures, made with the greatest care for detail.

Now Andrea Pierini is one of the most popular plastic soldier manufacturers with a wide variety of historical reproductions already in the catalog; The production of Waterloo1815 figures is supported by the best international sculptors, who guarantee the high quality of the product and the accuracy in the historical reproduction.

Waterloo 1815 AP043 Italian Infantry Set 2
Waterloo 1815 AP027 US Marines x 43
Waterloo 1815 AP006 Italian Infantry x 36
Waterloo 1815 AP036 British Paratroopers

Waterloo 1815 - By Scale:

Waterloo 1815 AP030 Prussian Infantry 1815
Waterloo 1815 AP001 Italian Cavalry x 10
Waterloo 1815 AP009 Dutch Belgian Artillery 1815
Waterloo 1815 AP006 Italian Infantry x 36

Waterloo 1815 - By Type of Product:

Waterloo 1815 AP052 Prussian Hussars
Waterloo 1815 AP038 American 75mm Gun
Waterloo 1815 AP018 Austrian Artillery 1859
Waterloo 1815 AP033 Cromwell's Cavalry x 12

Waterloo 1815 - By Theme:

Waterloo 1815 AP002 Folgore Division Infantry x 44
Waterloo 1815 AP015 Italian Bersaglieri x 48
Waterloo 1815 AP021 Prussian Hussars x 14
Waterloo 1815 AP054 French Line Lancers