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RS Models 92287 Heinkel He-46C
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Heinkel He-46C

Unpainted kit set

4 decal variants:

1. Heinkel 46C, September 1939, Poland
2. Heinkel 46C, BB+CG Aufklärungsschule 3, Gotha, Germany, Winter 40-41
3. Heinkel 46C, 02. Hadsereg-Felderítő század, Hungary 1942
4. Heinkel 46C, Erg.Gr.(S)1, Zellhausen, Germany, 1941

The He 46 prototype first flew in late 1931; its flight characteristics were good, but design improvements were incorporated. In 1933, production started on the He 46. The first production version, the He 46C-1, featured the improvements added to the prototypes, plus it could carry either a camera or 200 kg (441 lb) of bombs. In September and November 1936, 28 He 46C-1s were given to the Spanish Nationalists. The Germans took the He 46 back to war in 1943, when aircraft were taken from training units and used with squadron-sized Störkampfstaffel units for night-bombing harassment missions over the Soviet Union.

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RS Models 92287 Heinkel He-46C
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