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Garden Railway
Garden Railway


Our catalogue contains 1565 products in a scale of 1:160. On this page you can browse through the catalogue by brand, type, theme or price.

- N SCALE - Special Offers

At the moment we have 87 different products on sale (1:160 scale). Items on sale are for a limited time only or while stock lasts.

Vollmer 47640 Town House
Vollmer 48600 Tunnel Portal
Noch 36512 Young Couples
Faller 232379 Apartment Buildings

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- N SCALE - New Releases

At the moment we have 14 recent and/or upcoming releases listed (1:160 scale).

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Oxford Diecast NMGB004 MGB Roadster
Oxford Diecast NESC002 Ford Escort Mk2
Oxford Diecast NESC001 Ford Escort Mk2
Oxford Diecast NCAP003 Ford Capri Mk3

- N SCALE - By Brand

Woodland Scenics A2148 Track Workers
Faller 222124 Platform
Busch 8139 Tarmac Road
Busch 5850 Signals x 12

- N SCALE - By Type

Oxford Diecast NFARM004 Livestock Trailer
Faller 232560 One-Family House with LED
Oxford Diecast NSS004 Humber Super Snipe
TomyTec 975797 Office Building

- N SCALE - By Theme

Noch 34860 Quarrystone Viaduct
B-T Models N007 Karrier Bantam Artic
Marklin 18085 Hobby Tank Car
Auhagen 14453 Railway Station