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Garden Railway
Garden Railway


Our catalogue contains 1411 products in a scale of 1:43. On this page you can browse through the catalogue by brand, type, theme or price.

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At the moment we have 83 different products on sale (1:43 scale). Items on sale are for a limited time only or while stock lasts.

IXO Models GTM113 Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 2017
IXO Models GTM114 Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 2017
Dealer Models 5011407633 Audi Q7 2015
Hachette HL21 Hanomag R 19 1955

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At the moment we have 15 recent and/or upcoming releases listed (1:43 scale).

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IXO Models TR197 MAN TGX XXL D 38 2020
IXO Models TR177 Ford CL 9000 1976
IXO Models TR184 Peterbilt T 352 Pacemaker 1979
IXO Models TR195 DAF 2600 1970

- O SCALE - By Brand

IXO Models TR148 Ford LTL 9000 1978
Atlas Editions BL23 SKDFZ 11
Hachette MR086 TZ 4K-14 Tractor 1970
IXO Models TR133 Peterbilt 350 1952

- O SCALE - By Type

IXO Models CLC336 Mercedes L 608 D 1980
Hachette DL107 Energic 511 Tractor 1955
Atlas Editions JH03 Ferrari 156 F1
Hachette ACBUS054 Ford F-600 Chiva - Colombia 1990

- O SCALE - By Theme

IXO Models TR110 Dodge LCF CT900 1960
Atlas Editions HD05 Maserati Quattroporte I 1963
Centauria NS126 Shadow DN9 - Lammers 1979
IXO Models MOC176 Lamborghini Estoque 2008