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Garden Railway
Garden Railway

OUR 1:56 (28 MM) PAGE

Our catalogue contains 917 products in a scale of 1:56. On this page you can browse through the catalogue by brand, type, theme or price.

- 28 MM - Special Offers

At the moment we have 9 different products on sale (1:56 scale). Items on sale are for a limited time only or while stock lasts.

Ziterdes 6012571 Iron World Trench Corner 90°
Ziterdes 6012570 Iron World Straight Trench Section
Ziterdes 6012572 Iron World Trench T-section
Ziterdes 6012559 Iron World Ramp

- 28 MM - Recently Arrived

In the past few weeks we received 31 different products in stock (1:56 scale). Click on the button below for the full list. Only items still in stock are shown.

Warhammer TOW 07-01 Tomb Kings of Khemri
Warhammer TOW 06-06 Kingdom of Bretonnia
Warhammer 40K 40-05 Warhammer 40000 Ultimate Set 2023
Freebooters Fate SOL 000-B Clara Cadora

- 28 MM - New Releases

At the moment we have 14 recent and/or upcoming releases listed (1:56 scale).

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Warhammer AoS 91-72 Flesh Eater Courts - Abhorrant Cardinal
Warhammer AoS 91-69 Flesh-Eater Courts - Royal Decapitator
Mantic MGKWN103 Forces of Nature Ambush Starter Set
Warhammer AoS 91-43 Soulblight Gravelords - Blood Queen

- 28 MM - By Brand

AMMO by Mig AMIG6285 How to Paint Miniatures for Wargames
Warcradle Studios WEX131116001 Great Elk
Gamers Grass GGRB-TO60 Temple - Oval 60mm x 4
Warlord Games 403015804 Italian Army

- 28 MM - By Type

Mantic MGKWNS307 Nightstalkers - Butcher Horde
Ziterdes 6079402 DunkelWelt Corner Module
Warcradle Studios WEX111115005 Confederate Blackhoof Scouts
Gamers Grass GGBB-AI Basing Bits - Alien Infestation

- 28 MM - By Theme

Mantic MGTC108 Dungeon Debris
Perry Miniatures WR40 Mounted Men at Arms 1450-1500
Ziterdes 6079108 Statue
Warhammer 40K 43-10 World Eaters - Khorne Berserkers