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Garden Railway
Garden Railway


Our catalogue contains 697 Fantasy themed products. On this page you can browse through the catalogue by scale, brand, type of product and price.

Ziterdes 6012560 Iron World Bridge
Ziterdes 6012570 Iron World Straight Trench Section
Ziterdes 6012572 Iron World Trench T-section
Ziterdes 6012571 Iron World Trench Corner 90°

FANTASY - New Arrivals

In the past few weeks we received 25 different Fantasy products in stock. Click on the button below for the full list. Only items still in stock are shown.

Ziterdes GGA-FT Alien Fire Tufts 6mm
Ziterdes 103-47 Kill Team - Termination
Ziterdes 73-50 Orks - Combat Patrol 2024
Ziterdes 43-11 Chaos Space Marines - Chaos Rhino

FANTASY - New Releases

At the moment we have 47 recent and/or upcoming releases listed from Fantasy.

Tip: Place upcoming releases on your wishlist and you'll be the first to know when the new product arrives in stock. You will receive a notification by e-mail automatically without any obligations.

Warhammer 40K 56-49 T'au Empire - Krootox Rampagers
Warhammer TOW 09-11 Orc & Goblin Tribes
Warhammer 40K 56-54 T'au Empire - Krootox Rider
Warhammer AoS 91-69 Flesh-Eater Courts - Royal Decapitator

FANTASY - By Scale

Mantic MGARM101 Armada 2-Player Starter Set
Warcradle Studios WEX171115002 Wendigo
Ziterdes 6079146 Front O
Warhammer 40K 103-30 Darktide - The Miniatures Game

FANTASY - By Brand

Atlas Editions EY801 Batmobile - The Bat
Mantic MGKWU101 Undead Soul Reaver Cavalry Troop
Freebooters Fate AMA 014 Nenetzin
Warcradle Studios WEX111115005 Confederate Blackhoof Scouts


Warhammer 40K 54-15 Imperial Knights - Knight Questoris
Modiphius MUH051243 Fallout Survivors Core Box
Atlas Editions EY05 Batmobile - Detective Comics #400
Warhammer 40K 47-33 Astra Militarum - Cadian Shock Troops