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Garden Railway
Garden Railway


Our catalogue contains 5122 Figures products. On this page you can browse through the catalogue by scale, brand, theme and price.

FIGURES - Special Offers:

Italeri 6556 Partisans x 6
Preiser 57154 Man in Suit
Preiser 45024 Parents seated
Atlas Editions HJ099 Fireman India - 2003

FIGURES - New Arrivals:

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Atlas Editions 103-41 Kill Team - Blades of Khaine
Atlas Editions 103-44 Kill Team - Scout Squad
Atlas Editions 48-92 Space Marines - Captain in Armour
Atlas Editions 48-11 Space Marines - Ballistus Dreadnought

FIGURES - New Releases:

At the moment we have 29 recent and/or upcoming releases listed from Figures.

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Faller 151708 Rococo Dancers
Faller 151687 While Bathing and Swimming
Airfix A00702V Guards Colour Party
Warhammer AoS 91-43 Soulblight Gravelords - Blood Queen

FIGURES - By Scale:

Preiser 29509 Moose
Preiser 29079 Demonic Creature
Noch 58614 Dinosaur T-Rex Excavation
Trumpeter 00430 Stretcher Ambulance Team

FIGURES - By Brand:

Preiser 45113 Grandparents
Tamiya 35247 German Field Kitchen
Atlas Editions HJ015 Fireman Prussia - 1860
Strelets 041 US Cavalry (Set 1) x 12

FIGURES - By Theme:

Preiser 75050 Delivery Men
American Diorama AD-38273 Bikini Girl - September
Faller 151611 Parcel Services
Preiser 29085 Emperors