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Garden Railway


Our catalogue contains 3193 Paint products. On this page you can browse through the catalogue by scale, brand, theme and price.

PAINT - Special Offers:

Army Painter WP1126 Warpaints - Barbarian Flesh
Vallejo 76.513 Model Wash 35 ml Brown
Army Painter WP1479 Warpaints - Dry Rust
Vallejo 73.609 Surface Primer - Russian Green 4BO 60ml

PAINT - New Arrivals:

In the past few weeks we received 129 different Paint products in stock. Click on the button below for the full list. Only items still in stock are shown.

Vallejo 77.657 Gloss Metal Varnish - 32 ml
Vallejo 77.701 Metal 32 ml - Aluminum
Vallejo 77.703 Metal 32 ml - Dark Aluminum
Vallejo 77.706 Metal 32 ml - White Aluminum

PAINT - New Releases:

At the moment we have 51 recent and/or upcoming releases listed from Paint.

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AMMO by Mig ATOM-20166 ATOM Metal - Steel
AMMO by Mig ATOM-20008 ATOM - IDF Sand Grey '73
AMMO by Mig ATOM-20169 ATOM Metal - Burnt Iron
AMMO by Mig ATOM-20021 ATOM - Sand Yellow

PAINT - By Scale:

Citadel 22-20 Citadel Layer - Temple Guard Blue
Vallejo 72.013 Game Color - Squid Pink
Vallejo 71.104 Model Air - Green RLM62
Tamiya 81722 XF-22 RLM Grey

PAINT - By Brand:

Humbrol AA1242 No 113 - Rust
Citadel 21-28 Citadel Base - Leadbelcher
Humbrol AA1777 No 163 - Dark Green - Satin
Vallejo 71.248 Model Air - Brown Grey

PAINT - By Theme:

Vallejo 70.326 Russian Tank Crew II
Humbrol DB0129 No 129 - US Gull Grey - Satin
Vallejo 73.810 Weathering 40 ml - Light Brown Mud
AMMO by Mig AMIG1008 Dark Wash