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Newsletter #176


The opening hours of our new showroom in Paraparaumu are as follows:

Tuesday 12pm - 4pm
Wednesday 12pm - 4pm
Thursday 12pm - 4pm
Friday 12pm - 4pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm
Sunday & Monday - Closed

These hours may change depending on demand. Currently, the morning hours are reserved for processing mail orders.

Online orders can be picked up between 4 and 5pm as well.

Because it was uncertain whether we could even find a new location, I stopped all deliveries from suppliers at the end of July. With the move there was no time to dive into placing orders or keeping up with new releases.
So there is a backlog that needs to be caught up and that takes time. Sea shipments in particular have been seriously delayed.
I don't expect much in November, but in December a lot should arrive from various suppliers.

Paint from various brands should arrive every two weeks from now on however.


Gamers Grass - New Arrivals

A shipment with Gamers Grass has arrived. It included some brand new 2023 releases:

Toxic Waste Set

Gamers Grass GGSET-TW
More info
$ 16.90

Mystic Nebulae Set

Gamers Grass GGSET-MN
More info
$ 16.90

Alien Frost Tufts 6mm

Gamers Grass GGA-FR
More info
$ 8.90

Alien Purple Tufts 6mm

Gamers Grass GGA-PU
More info
$ 8.90

Alien Toxic Tufts 6mm

Gamers Grass GGA-TX
More info
$ 8.90

Alien Void Tufts 6mm

Gamers Grass GGA-VO
More info
$ 8.90

All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST.

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