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On this page you will find links to the newsletters that customers receive by e-mail every week.

19-06-2024 - Newsletter #207

Many hundreds of items will be added to the shop's stock in the coming days/weeks. Most of it comes from sea shipments from Europe from various suppliers. This must be done step by step. It is useful to keep an eye on the new arrivals page on the website. Because there is not enough space for everything in the showroom, older stock will be removed. So if you come to the store for a specific item, it is useful to reserve it via the website first. Payment is possible in the showroom.
Since I want to handle the shipments as quickly as possible, I won't have time to price everything in the showroom. My apologies for that.

Other news: AK Interactive is re-releasing their Lacquer Real Colors range in a new packaging. The Mini-Kiwiland Shop will stock them all. First colours are expected in July.


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12-06-2024 - Newsletter #206

A large shipment of Master Box figure sets from Ukraine is expected before the end of this month. Mainly in 1:24 and 1:35 scale. Nearly 40 of these sets were added to the website last week, but more is on the way. Place the set you are interested in on your watchlist and you will be notified as soon as the set has arrived. Stock is limited.

I have started adding 1ManArmy high definition airbrush paint masks to the website. The first sets are expected within a month.

Furthermore, a number of products from other brands have also been listed on the website. For the entire list click here.

A number of Preiser HO scale figure sets and MiniArt kits went on sale this week.


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05-06-2024 - Newsletter #205

It's time for some feedback for certain brands that the Mini-Kiwiland Shop is considering stocking.

First I'm considering Flames Of War (WW2 Wargaming). Is this still current or passé? Which products are interesting and which are not? This also applies to Battleground and GF9 games.

Another brand that may be interesting is SMS (Scale Modellers Supply). What does this brand have that is missing from other brands or is better?

1ManArmy is a Belgian company specialized in the production of high definition airbrush paint masks for WWII aircraft scale models in 1/32 and 1/24 scale, as well as for Armor 1/35 . Is this interesting for anyone?

Kit set brands that I am considering are:

- AFV Club
- Amodel
- Belkits
- Border Model
- Bronco Models
- Hobby 2000
- Kinetic
- Meng Model
- Rye Field Model

In any case, Hobby 2000 and Kinetic kits are purchased, but not their entire catalogue. If you are interested in certain products, please let me know and I will post them on the website without obligation.

As always, comments are more than welcome. You can give this by simply responding to this newsletter.

Thanks in advance!


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29-05-2024 - Newsletter #204

Among the new arrivals are mainly paint and wargames items. Citadel paint, Vallejo and Warpaints Fanatic from the Army Painter.
The wargames items include Warhammer and Black Powder sets.

More kits have been added to the website that should arrive in June. Kits from Eduard, ICM and more.

Several Preiser HO scale figure sets are on sale this week.


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15-05-2024 - Newsletter #203

A lot came in last week. For the full list click here.
It includes items from Airfix, AMMO by Mig Jimenez, Italeri, MiniArt, Fujimi, Zvezda, Excel Tools, etc.
AMT and MPC are new brands for the Mini-Kiwiland Shop.

Several N scale Faller kits are on sale this week.


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08-05-2024 - Newsletter #202

The Mini-Kiwiland Shop in the new showroom has been open for more than six months now. Time to evaluate.
Much has changed and much will change.
A big difference with the previous location is that the new showroom has many visitors who are looking for a hobby, starting a new hobby (including many children) or want to start again after many years. Sometimes after decades. There is a much broader interest, while the previous location mainly attracted experienced hobbyists, especially for military kit sets and model railways.

Before this location was found, I already announced in newsletters that I needed at least 200 m2 (open plan). However, the retail space of the new store is currently only 100 m2 with the possibility of expanding to 150 m2. Due to the L-shape, expansion is only possible if staff can be hired, but that is unthinkable given the current economic situation. This effects the Mini-Kiwiland Shop as well, I'm afraid.

The result is that not everything can be placed in the showroom. Thousands of products are expected in June, including many large boxes. It becomes impossible to find a place for everything.

Products that could not be found in the showroom were, for example, many diecast tractors, commercial aircraft and many 1:72 scale military figures.
Since demand has changed significantly, I would like to show these products more. This has already happened with 1:72 scale military figures and with great success. The stock is just too large to place all the figures in the showroom however.

Wargaming stock is slowly growing, which means that more space is needed here too.

By giving more space to items for which there is demand, it is unfortunately also necessary to remove products from the store for which demand is lagging behind. This is clearly the case for N scale products. From now on these will be online only.
I also gave the HO scale a remarkable amount of space at the opening. 7 full racks, while other hobby sections had a maximum of 3 full racks. I had hoped that so much space would stimulate sales, but unfortunately that has not been the case. HO Scale will certainly not disappear from the showroom, but it will need to decrease. Part of it will therefore be online-only.

To create more space for the thousands of items expected in June, additional racks are located at the entrance of the showroom. The isle on the left is now a dead end. A glass display has even been moved to the hallway before entering the showroom.

I'm sure a lot will change in the coming six months as well. Please do not assume that everything on the website can also be found in the showroom.
I intend to stock many more brands, but this all takes time, I'm afraid. What is the most time-consuming, is placing the new products on the website. There is currently a backlog in this regard. Especially for paint. My apologies for this.


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01-05-2024 - Newsletter #201

There has been a lot of response to my call for feedback for the weekly newsletter. Many readers apparently look forward to it every week. That is of course nice to know. The more information, the better. Also on topics that members are not directly interested in or brand/products that they were not aware of. As far a lot of readers are concerned, a newsletter can be sent out every day with more detailed information and longer lists of products.
I don't want to go that far yet, but from now on it is possible that you will receive two newsletters a week. The usual weekly newsletter on Tuesday and a special newsletter in which I highlight something special. This way I can give more attention to a new brand for the Mini-Kiwiland Shop or report more about a large (sea) shipment that has arrived. So far an important subject could easily be overlooked.
In June I'm expecting thousands of new items in stock. Also from brands that haven't been stocked before, so expect extra newsletters in June!

A new brand for the Mini-Kiwiland Shop is Hornby (model trains, OO scale). There is a lot of demand for this in the new showroom. I have started entering the Hornby 2024 releases on the website. Prices are not yet known, but it is possible to put products on your watchlist, so that I can see exactly where there is demand and where there is not.


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24-04-2024 - Newsletter #200

Already the 200th newsletter!
The newsletter has hardly changed in the past 4 years. Time for change?
I realize that the newsletter is not ideal, but I am not sure what exactly a new version could look like. So time for reader feedback!
See further in the newsletter for the dilemmas.

A lot of stock arrived last week. For the full list, click here.
The new stock includes Warpaints Fanatic, HaT military figures, Noch HO scale figures, Vallejo Diorama FX and a new brand for the Mini-Kiwiland Shop: Fujimi.

The Mini-Kiwiland Shop is open from 1pm to 5pm on Thursday on ANZAC Day.

Just a quick response to the previous newsletter. I received the most interesting feedback about the air brushes. Not just about the brands I mentioned.
I'm also going to look further into a few other brands I mentioned.
My thanks to everyone who responded!

Several Heller 1:24 car kits are on sale this week!


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17-04-2024 - Newsletter #199

I am always looking for new suppliers/brands and better deals.
There are a number of brands that I am considering at the moment, that I would like to receive feedback and/or tips on:

Truck Models

Given the increasing demand for truck models, I would like to expand the range with, for example, the Australian brand Drake. However, I wonder if there is a demand for this?
The Drake Website

Statues / Busts

I am considering including larger scale figures in the range. An example of this are the historical Mitches Military Models. Napoleonic, WWI and WWII. But are there other brands that are preferred?
Mitches Models Website

Remote Control

Something that is in high demand in the store is remote control. I would like to do something with this, especially boats, planes and trucks. An example for boats are the Joysway models. This could be one of the first RC brands for the Mini-Kiwiland Shop, but I'm not sure. Is there any interest in this?
Joysway Website


One lack in the Mini-Kiwiland Shop is a range of airbrushes. The Iwata or badger airbrushes could be a start. Or are there other preferences?
Iwata Website


Many different brands of glue are in high demand. I would like to expand this with products from Bob Smith Industries, for example. Are there any positive experiences with this brand?
Bob Smith Industries

1:18 Diecast Cars

The 1:18 scale models are particularly popular in New Zealand. A brand that I could import is, for example, the Australian brand Biante. Is this popular?
Biante Models Website

Miniature Games

Miniature Games are booming in the Mini-Kiwiland Shop. I would also like to expand this. Brands I'm considering are Modiphius (Fallout), Knight Games (Batman) and Privateer Press. Any ideas or suggestions?
Privateer Press Website

Feedback can be given by simply replying to this newsletter. Any response is highly appreciated and may help improving the Mini-Kiwiland Shop!
I cannot immediately stock everything of all brands. I will have to set priorities or, in the worst case, I will have to skip brands if there appears to be insufficient demand for them.

Many thanks,


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10-04-2024 - Newsletter #198

Once again a week with many new arrivals. For the full list click here.

The new arrivals include many hobby supplies from AMMO By Mig Jimenez. These are mainly small and light items. Many more heavier products are expected via sea transport in June. Books, magazines, paint sets, spray cans, storage systems etc.

I have received a lot of positive feedback about the recently arrived Formula One model cars. I can get more than you will find on the website. Last week, 20 examples of models were added. Both 1:43 scale and 1:24 scale. Because all these models come via sea transport, it will take a number of months for stock to arrive.


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