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On this page you will find links to the newsletters that customers receive by e-mail every week.

06-12-2023 - Newsletter #180

Another new brand for the Mini-Kiwiland Shop is Master Box. Master Box is a Ukrainian brand that mainly produces figures kit sets (1:24, 1:32 and 1:35), but also has a few vehicles kits (1:35 and 1:72). More than 200 different kits altogether!
I will be placing an order soon, but won't be able to stock their entire catalogue at this stage. I would like to test the demand first as usual. Please let me know, if you are interested in anything from Master Box and which product range or specific kit set(s). To browse their catalogue click here.

A large Warlord Games shipment is on it's way to New Zealand by sea. Most of the expected items are not on the website yet. They will be added in the coming weeks however. The sets should arrive in February/March.


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29-11-2023 - Newsletter #179

Unfortunately, the costs for the Mini-Kiwiland Shop have increased significantly this year. Particularly because of the unexpected move to a new location. This is on top of the rising costs of the products, transport costs to New Zealand and the low NZ Dollar. To prevent further price increases, I am forced to adjust the conditions for the discounts.

As of January 1, the discount levels will be as follows:

- 5%, after $150 is spent within 12 months (currently $100)
- 7%, after $350 is spent within 12 months (currently $300)
- 10%, after $700 is spent within 12 months (currently $600)

So you can still benefit from the current levels throughout the month of December.

I have received plenty of response after my intention to sell RS Models (1:72 aircraft kits). A number of kits have already been entered into our system. The first shipment will hopefully arrive this year.


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22-11-2023 - Newsletter #178

I received a lot of positive feedback about the intention to stock Warhammer and Citadel. In fact, there was so much response about wargaming that I will be doing more with the following brands:

* Warhammer / Citadel
* Warlord Games
* Mantic (Kings of War / Deadzone etc.)

Expect a lot of listings in the coming months!

I will also stock the new Vallejo Game Air colour range. These should all arrive in December

While I'm at it: I wonder if there is any interest in the AMT and RS Models brands. AMT mainly produces 1:25 American vehicle kits and RS Models 1:72 aircraft.
Please respond with a reply to this newsletter.

Many thanks!


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15-11-2023 - Newsletter #177

I posted a photo of the interior of the new showroom on Facebook. Please visit our Facebook page to view the photo. I will post more photos this week. If you haven't liked our Facebook page yet, please do it! We're close to a 1000 likes!

Games World, the distributor of Warhammer and Citadel, would like more stores to sell their products and has also approached the Mini-Kiwiland Shop. So I would like to know whether customers of the Mini-Kiwiland Shop are interested in this and which products. Feedback can be given by responding to this newsletter.

I have added 26 acrylic colours from Humbrol to the website and these are all in stock.

A shipment of the Czech brands AZ Model and Kovozavody Prostejov has arrived. Many had not yet been entered into our system, but can now be ordered.


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08-11-2023 - Newsletter #176

The opening hours of our new showroom in Paraparaumu are as follows:

Tuesday 12pm - 4pm
Wednesday 12pm - 4pm
Thursday 12pm - 4pm
Friday 12pm - 4pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm
Sunday & Monday - Closed

These hours may change depending on demand. Currently, the morning hours are reserved for processing mail orders.

Online orders can be picked up between 4 and 5pm as well.

Because it was uncertain whether we could even find a new location, I stopped all deliveries from suppliers at the end of July. With the move there was no time to dive into placing orders or keeping up with new releases.
So there is a backlog that needs to be caught up and that takes time. Sea shipments in particular have been seriously delayed.
I don't expect much in November, but in December a lot should arrive from various suppliers.

Paint from various brands should arrive every two weeks from now on however.


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01-11-2023 - Newsletter #175 - Back in Business!

It is possible to place orders on the website again!
Orders can be shipped or picked up at our new location:

1/2 Coastlands Parade

The showroom is not yet finished. This may take another two weeks. Visitors are welcome, but please don't expect everything on the shelves / in the showroom.
There is also no signage on the building yet.
For clarity:
The showroom/collection point is on the first floor above Calico Keep (board games / trading cards shop). The entrance is on the side of the old main road (former SH1) right at the underpass to the railway station.


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14-10-2023 - Newsletter #174 - New Location!

I am very pleased to announce that a new location for the Mini-Kiwiland Shop has been found:

1/2 Coastlands Parade

This is opposite Countdown at the Coastlands Mall and the railway station. Above Calico Keep to be precise.
The new store is a lot larger. This allows the entire stock to be located in one room.

We are currently working hard to furnish the new store so that sales can get going again as soon as possible.
The aim for the reopening is November 1. For both the store and mail order.

The next newsletter will indicate exactly when orders can be placed again.

kind regards,


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14-09-2023 - Newsletter #173 - Closed!

Just to let you know that the Mini-Kiwiland Shop is now officially closed.
Hopefully this is only temporarily.

The website remains active as usual, except that it is not possible to add items to your shopping cart/place orders.
I have still not received all the expected shipments and these need to be booked into the system as soon as they arrive. Watchers will receive notifications, but will not be able to purchase them until a new location is found.

It is essential that a new location is found at a very short notice as my income is now zero, while I still have to pay off borrowed money for the Mini-Kiwiland Shop and I have to find accommodation for myself somehow as well.

In the previous newsletter I asked for feedback for a relocation to 3 different places.
This is the result:

1 - Upper Hutt (37%)
2 - Wellington CBD/Te Aro (32%)
3 - Kapiti (31%)

This did not mean that I have options in these places or that I only look at these places. Lower Hutt seems to be the obvious choice in that case.
I just wanted to know how far and in what direction customers are willing to travel to a hobby shop.

I was hoping one place would stand out, so I could take a higher risk in that particular place. They are all very close however.

Moreover I was particularly interested in Wellington CBD/Te Aro. It's an area I hadn't considered before because of the traffic and parking. I was surprised that this wasn't a real problem for most customers as they visit Wellington City regularly anyway.

Quite a few customers were concerned for me about the high rents in the city. This is actually not that bad. There are a lot more options and I guess more competition. Since I'm looking into Wellington City I noticed that the service from real estate agents is much better than elsewhere in the Wellington region.
Note: I'm not looking at retail shops on Lambton Quay, Cuba Street or Courtenay Place etc.

Now that the shop is closed, I have more time to look around online, visit places, inspect, negotiate etc.
A chapter ends and a new one begins. Hopefully for the better.
I want to thank everyone for their support in these difficult times. Highly appreciated!

Stay safe!


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10-09-2023 - Newsletter #172 - Feedback needed!

Only 2 days left to place your last order!
Collecting orders in Paraparaumu is still possible until the end of next week.

Next week I will have more time to look around for a new location for the Mini-Kiwiland Shop. However, it will have to be within the Wellington region. Moving to other parts of New Zealand has proven to be unaffordable for me.

I would welcome feedback from residents of the Wellington region and Manawatu.

My question would be:

Which of these three places would you most likely travel to a few times a year to visit the Mini-Kiwiland Shop?

* Wellington CBD/Te Aro
* Upper Hutt
* Kapiti

Please choose one or two places and no other locations (such as Lower Hutt).
You can simply reply to this newsletter to give your valuable feedback. I think it would be useful if you mentioned in which part of the Wellington region/Manawatu you live as well.

Thank you very much!


A few useful links:

New Arrivals
1400+ Special Offers

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06-09-2023 - Newsletter #171

Just one week left to buy from the Mini-Kiwiland Shop!
Hundreds of hobby items have arrived, but I'm still expecting a lot more. Only a small selection is listed in this newsletter. For a list of all new arrivals click here.

I can't postpone the closing date however. The last day to place an order is Monday the 11th of September. I will use the week after to finalize all outstanding orders. Eviction date is 30th of September.

It will still be possible to contact me after the closing date. The website will remain online, but it will not be possible to place orders. Logging in remains possible.

Naturally, I hope that it will somehow be possible to continue again at a later date.

I will send out another newsletter next week, when placing orders is no longer possible and the Mini-Kiwiland is officially closed.


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